Core Group

SBCCN has a core group made up of two representatives from each 'committee areas'.

The SBCCN core group meets six times each year, usually at council headquarters in Newtown St Boswells, to conduct network business and discuss items of general interest to community councils across the Borders. Guest speakers attend regularly to give presentations relevant to community councils.

Meetings are not limited to the core group - all community councillors are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to attend.

Berwickshire: David Torr, Trevor Jones
Cheviot: Colin McGrath, Peter Cooper
Eildon: Frank Connelly, John Paton-Day
Teviot & Liddesdale:
Ian Turnbull, French Wight
weeddale: Patricia Anderson

Office bearers

Chair:  John Payton-Day
Secretary: (vacancy) all correspondence to
Treasurer: David Torr